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What is a titanium wrapped copper rod

- Nov 07, 2018 -

Titanium-copper composite rod, also known as titanium-clad copper, is a titanium layer coated with a certain thickness on a copper rod. The invention relates to a manufacturing process of a titanium-copper composite rod, in particular to a coating manufacturing process of a rectangular titanium-copper composite rod with a width-to-thickness ratio ≥6, and the process method is in a copper plate. The upper and lower surfaces are covered with a layer of titanium alloy, and the titanium-copper composite plate is formed by explosive composite method. The titanium alloy plate is covered on both sides of the titanium-copper composite plate, and then the titanium alloy plate and the titanium-copper composite plate are The sides are joined by welding or the like so that the peripheral surface of the copper plate is completely covered by a layer of titanium alloy sheets.

Since the titanium alloy plate and the laminated copper plate are closely attached, the deformation of the titanium alloy plate during the manufacturing process is extremely small, which effectively ensures that the titanium alloy plate is not damaged due to excessive deformation, and the process is simple and efficient, thereby saving titanium material and improving production. Efficiency and the purpose of reducing production costs.