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Busbar installation and line optimization

- Nov 07, 2018 -

Installation aspect

The busbar consists of a number of segments, each of which is short and light in length. Therefore, only a few people can be installed quickly by installation. The busbar has a number of standard parts and stocks that can be shipped quickly to save on-site work time. Its tight "sandwich" structure reduces electrical space and frees up more space for commercial use, such as renting or as a public place. It is a difficult job to install cables. Because a single cable is often heavy, the installation work requires a lot of people to collaborate and take more time to complete. In addition, due to the bending radius of the cable, more installation space is required.

Line optimization

By using the busway, we can merge some of the branch circuits and convert them into a large busway using the docking box. It simplifies the electrical system and results in lower current values for more strands. This saves the cost of the project and is easy to maintain. For traditional cable lines, the cable makes the electrical system extremely complex, bulky, and difficult to maintain, thus wasting engineering costs and installation space.