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Busbar product features

- Nov 07, 2018 -

Performance aspect

The busbar adopts copper row or aluminum row, which has large current density, small resistance, small skin effect and no need for derating. A small voltage drop means that the energy loss is small, ultimately saving the user's investment. For the cable, since the cable core is a plurality of thin copper wires, the root area is larger than that of the bus bar of the same current level. And its "skin effect" is serious, reducing the current rating, increasing the voltage drop, and prone to heat. The energy loss of the line is large and it is easy to age.

Folding security

The metal-enclosed enclosure of the busway protects the busbar from mechanical damage or animal damage. The installation of the plug-in unit in the power distribution system is safe, the enclosure can be grounded as a whole, the grounding is very reliable, and the PVC housing of the cable is susceptible to mechanical and mechanical For animal damage, the power must be cut off when installing the cable. If there is an error, it will be very dangerous. In particular, the cable should be grounded at the site, and the unreliable grounding will increase the risk.