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Cathode hanger bars

- Nov 07, 2018 -

The titanium anode is the anode in the titanium-based metal oxide coating. According to the surface catalytic coating, it has an oxygen evolution function and a chlorine evolution function. Generally, the electrode material should have good electrical conductivity, small change in pole pitch, strong corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength and processing performance, long service life, low cost, and good electrocatalytic performance for electrode reaction. Currently, titanium is the most satisfactory. For the comprehensive requirements of the metal, industrial pure titanium TA1\TA2 is generally used.

The role of the metal oxide coating on the titanium anode is: low resistivity, good electrical conductivity (titanium itself has poor electrical conductivity), stable chemical composition of the precious metal coating, stable crystal structure, stable electrode size, corrosion resistance Good, long life, good electrocatalytic performance, help to reduce the overpotential of oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution, and save energy.