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Bao Ji AATI New Metal CO.,LTD. (AATI) is a high–technology enterprise which is specialized in the production, research and development of nonferrous metal such as Ti, Zr, Cu, Stainless steel, etc. We have four kinds of main products. (1) Busbars made of coating material titanium, zirconium, stainless-steel and core material copper. (2) Permanent stainless steel cathode plate with KIDD/ISA/OT Method. (3) Ti-6Al-4V Grade 23 ELI wire ASTM F136-13 or ASTM B348-13, extra low oxygen content with diameter 6.35 mm /3.25mm. (4) Series of titanium, zirconium, stainless steel anode baskets, heating exchangers,fasteners, etc. Read more.....

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Bao Ji AATI New Metal CO.,LTD. (AATI) has become an export-oriented enterprise with yield of more than 10,00 tons a year.

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Bao Ji AATI New Metal CO.,LTD.

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