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Titanium Clad Copper Rectangular Bars

1.Titanium clad copper rectangular/round/square/drum bars with coating material Ti ASTM B265 Grade 1 and core material Cu ASTM C11000 and ASTM C10200
2.Usage: electrochemistry, electroplating, metal finishing, metal recovery
3.SS Clad Cu/Zr Clad Cu/Nb Clad Cu/Ni clad Cu

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AATi titanium clad copper bars are available in rectangle and square. Ti Clad Copper bars can be cut to length and packaged according to customer requirements. We also offer customers complete metallurgical services for testing. For more information and pricing on AATi Ti Clad Copper or other composite metal products, please call or email.

Further clad materials

Stainless steel Clad copper(SS Clad Cu)    Stainless steel-Copper      

Zirconium Clad copper(Zr Clad Cu)       Zirconium – Copper     

Niobium Clad copper(Nb Clad Cu)         Niobium   - Copper      

Nickel Clad copper(Ni clad Cu)          Nickel    - Copper



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