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The ISA PROCESS™ cathode plate

- Nov 28, 2018 -

The ISA PROCESS™ cathode plate is characterised by its copper coated

suspension bar, coupled with a blade employing austenitic stainless steel alloy 316L.

The blade material has become the mainstay of the technology and has been closely

copied by competing cathode designs. Improvement to the cathode plate design

remains a key area for research, and ongoing developments by Xstrata Technology’s

ISA PROCESS™ have recently been commercialised. Two such developments are

the ISA Cathode BR™ and ISA 2000 AB Cathode. The ISA BR cathode is a lower

resistance cathode that has proven to enhance operating efficiencies. The AB cathode

was designed to improve stripping inefficiencies in the ISA 2000 technology. These

developments have now had time to mature and their long term performance will be

discussed. Rising material costs and the desire to extend the operating boundaries of

the standard 316L cathode plate has triggered a number of significant advances. These

involve the use of different stainless steels as alternatives in some operational