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Description of titanium-coated copper:

- Nov 07, 2018 -

First, the product features 1. Can effectively control the ratio of anode to cathode. 2. The anode has good solubility and produces less anode mud. 3. It is convenient to load or replenish the anode material. 4. The anode material is completely used, saving energy consumption. 5. Characteristics of titanium-coated copper: It not only ensures the original electrical conductivity of copper, but also protects the copper body from corrosion by using titanium coating, and greatly reduces the pollution of electroplating and plating solution.

Second, the use of method 1. Titanium conductivity is poor, generally the hook current outside the water is not greater than 0.26A / CM2, otherwise the hook body heat, resulting in higher temperature of the plating solution, increased cooling capacity, wasting energy, and even because The heat burns out the plastic tank body, and when the titanium basket hook is obviously heated, the number of the titanium basket can be increased or the cross-sectional size of the titanium basket hook can be increased to improve the conductivity of the titanium basket. 2. The titanium blue hook and the electrode generally do not adopt a plane or a round surface. Contact, this method is easy to cause poor contact, causing speckle corrosion of the electrode. 3. The titanium basket should be slightly above the liquid level to prevent the anode slag from flowing out. 4. The lower end of the titanium basket should be higher than the part 100-150mm to avoid excessive concentration of the current at the lower end and cause burnt. 5. The titanium basket should be in close contact with the anode, otherwise the anode potential on the titanium basket will rise sharply to cause oxygen evolution and chlorine evolution on the surface of the titanium blue, causing damage to the titanium blue and oxidation of the additive. 6. To prevent burrs from being formed on the coating, The anode bag should be outsourced in the titanium basket. Because the bag is usually used for a long time without being removed, it is recommended to use the “double bag” method. 7. The anode bag should be wrapped tightly with the titanium basket, and the bottom of the bag should be separated by a few centimeters. To store the anode sludge that may be produced.

Third, commonly used titanium blue bag fabric characteristics.

The preciousness of the titanium-copper composite rod process is that the titanium and copper can be tightly integrated into the structure, just like the leather-like joint. Such a combination will not increase the resistance of the current, it can make the copper play its essence. Some conductive properties can also add the following four advantages without affecting the excellent electrical conductivity of copper:

●Support strength:

The titanium-copper composite rod has a yield strength of 135 MPa and a tensile shear strength of 180,260 MPa, which fully meets the production design requirements and achieves the support performance required for the anode during operation.

●Corrosion resistance:

The outer layer of the titanium-copper composite rod is directly in contact with the electrolytic medium, and the outer layer of pure titanium has excellent corrosion resistance (see the following table), and its life is more than 10 times longer than that of other material electrodes.

● Save energy:

Because the explosion + rolling process used can make the titanium copper completely tightly compounded, no delamination is formed, the pollution of the electrolyte and the plating solution is greatly reduced, and the current resistance is greatly reduced to 7.77×10-6 Ω, so that the current is smoother. , thus saving energy.

● Improve environmental protection:

Because the explosion + rolling process used can make the titanium copper completely tightly compounded, no liquid pollution caused by delamination, because the outer titanium is corrosion-resistant, does not produce air and environmental pollution caused by oxidation, and is also large. The reduction in overall environmental pollution. We can produce different specifications of titanium-coated copper and zirconium-coated copper according to user requirements.