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Prevention Of Heat Exchanger Corrosion

- Nov 07, 2018 -

Safety Benefits If the oil and gas are not recovered, the gas will diffuse in the oil loading area and be mixed with the air, which is easy to form explosive gas. Because the oil and gas volume is large, it is extremely unfavorable for the safety of the oil filling operation, and it is easy to cause combustion and explosion. Recycling eliminates a critical hazard in safety production. The oil and gas recovery process after the production operation is short, the heat exchanger process conditions are easy to operate, and the operator can ensure the normal operation of the device by 2 people per shift.

Through the analysis and demonstration of the safety of the rich gas, the processing capacity of the device, and the simulation calculation of the heat balance of the process equipment, it is feasible to use the existing equipment to switch to the diesel oil absorption reforming scheme. In order to further improve the performance of the heat exchanger unit, it is recommended that:

(1) Simultaneously start two lean pumps to increase the absorbed dose, and reduce the diesel tower temperature to a minimum, assuming 32 °C, and the recovery can be increased by 20Okg/h by simulation. However, the circulating water volume needs to mention 3ot/h, and the area of the secondary heat exchanger needs to increase by 30-40mZ.

(2) Increasing the pressure of the Roots blower increases the absorption pressure in the tower, thereby increasing the absorption rate.

(3) Water can be used as the fluid force of the ejector to save the circulation of diesel oil. The separation capacity of the liquid separation tank can be improved by transformation to completely separate the water from the diesel oil.

(4) Try to reduce the absorption temperature of the diesel fuel, thereby increasing the efficiency of the absorption tower.