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Electroplating Zirconium Anode Baskets

Electroplating Zirconium Anode Baskets

1.Zirconium anode baskets to the PCB Plating and Anodizing Industries
2.Mesh size: 3*6, 4*8, 5*10, 6*12,etc
3.Sheet thickness: 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, etc
4.Standard rectangular design to more specialized shapes such as cylinders

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Zirconium baskets can be manufactured from a wide range of mesh types and dimensions. AATi designs and manufactures according to customer specifications.

Through our experienced technical support, commitment to service and superior manufacturing quality, We are dedicated to being the premiere supplier of corrosion resistant equipment to the PCB Plating and Anodizing Industries.

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