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The use of zirconium baskets

- Dec 17, 2018 -

Acidproof, anti-corrosive, uses in printing the circuit wafer galvanization anode basket, the sputtering vacuum coating, the magnetic material neodymium iron boron (agglutination, caking), the zirconium ferro-vanadium (getter pellet), the chromium zirconium copper alloy, the zirconium aluminum alloy, the special steel oxygen scavenger, the fireworks firecracker and so on. Magnesium zircaloy, silicon zircaloy, zirconium tube, chemical equipment, one, zirconium basket, titanium basket: the galvanization profession (galvanization hardware, line board) uses the zirconium basket's advantage: 1, can the active control anode and the anode area proportion. 2, the anode solubility is good, produces the anode putty to be few. 3, the anode material's loading or the supplement are convenient. 4, the anode material use is complete, energy conservation consumption. uses the zirconium basket's matters needing attention: 1, the zirconium basket mouth should slightly be higher than the liquid level, prevents the anode dregs outflow. 2, the zirconium basket lower extremity should be higher than components 100~150mm, avoids the lower extremity components electric current too concentrating, causes the air burn. 3, the zirconium basket and the anode should contact closely, otherwise on the zirconium basket's plate potential will elevate suddenly, causes the zirconium basket surface to occur analyzes the oxygen and analyzes the chlorine to respond, causes the zirconium basket damage and chemical additive oxidized 4, to prevent coating to produce the burr, applies the anode outside the zirconium basket packed in bags, because the bag usually is the long-term use, but does not excise, therefore the suggestion uses the double-decked bag method. 5, the anode bag must be tight the zirconium basket mouth package, the bag bottom should keep several centimeters gaps, saves the anode slime which possibly produces.