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The Advantages of Titanium Anode

- Jan 01, 2019 -

The Advantages of Titanium Anode
1. Dimension Stable; it is unchangeable for space between electrodes during electrolysis; cell voltage is stable that makes electrolysis operation guaranteed well.

2. Lower working voltage and small energy consumption;

3. Titanium anodes have longer working life.
4. Compared with soluble graphite anode and lead anode, titanium anodes are avoiding any pollution to electrolyte and products on cathode. 
5. Increasing current density is available, which can boost production efficiency.
6. It can be worked in stronger corrosive medium or other special medium because of its better anti-corrosion property.
7. Short circuit is easily happened if lead anode is out of shape during working. However, titanium anode can avoid this problem and increase current efficiency.
8. Light weight can easily to be installed.
9. Different shape is available with high accuracy.