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Specifications of titanium clad copper bar

- Feb 19, 2019 -

Ti/Titanium clad Cu/copper anode flat (rectangle) and round bars and rods with material Ti Gr1 or Gr2 and copper T2 or TU2 for anode electroplating and PCB and electrolysis industry 

Clad material: Ti acc. to No. 37025 or 37025 or 3.7055,, ASTM B 265 Grade 1 

Core material: Cu acc. to E-Cu58, CU-ETP, CW004A, UNS No. C 11000 acc. to SE-Cu, CU-HCP, CW021A, UNS No.C 10300 

Dimensions: Form                   Dimension in mm     Dimension in inch 

                     Round                6,35 - 78mm              1/4” - 3” 

                     Rectangle-flat    up to 20 x 120 mm    up to 0.8” x 4”