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Cathode assembly

- Apr 02, 2019 -

Cathode assembly

Busbar made of stainless-steel 316L/304 and copper C11000(from outside to inside)

Normal size: 25mm*38mm*1350mmL or built to order

Cathode Sheet: Stainless Steel AISI 316-L or LDX2101

Normal Size: 3mm/3.25mm*1048mm*1238mm or built to order

Tolerance as follows,

Flatness tolerance: 2.0mm when sheet is hung from top edge.

Camber tolerance: 1.0mm.

Parallel tolerance: 1.0mm wide, datum opposite edge.

Squareness tolerance: diagonal dimensions to be within 1.5mm of each side.

Sheet finish: both sides 2B cold-rolled and annealed.

Surface roughness: 0.25 to 0.60 Ra in accordance within ISO/R1302, sheet to be free from burrs and sharp edges.

0.2% proof strength(yield) of the material shall be less than 310 Mpa.