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Zirconium Clad Copper Busbars

1.Zirconium clad copper bars are also called Zr Clad Cu
2.Normal size is 10mm*40mm, 10mm*52mm, 12mm*42mm,OD25mm,OD32mm
3.Length and shapes are built to order

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Zirconium clad copper bars are also called Zr Clad Cu. Normal size is 10mm*40mm, 10mm*52mm, 12mm*42mm,OD25mm, OD32mm. Their length and shapes are built to your order.

Zirconium and titanium are complementary sister metals in corrosion resistance. They are important structural materials under the conditions of high temperature, high pressure and heavy corrosion chemical process.  Their differences are found in chloride‐free acids, acidic chloride solutions, salt solutions, alkaline solutions and organics. They are caused by the differences between the protective oxide films of zirconium and titanium.



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